Special Delivery: Make Rowan Miranda Reapply for His Job

rowan miranda

Update 12/9: The Daily published a front-page article on the protest here.

The University of Michigan’s “shared services”/AST plan, headed by Associate VP of Finance (and former Accenture executive) Rowan Miranda, will force staff to reapply for their jobs and receive lower wages and benefits. We’ve decided Rowan should have the same opportunity. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and community members will join together to walk from Rackham Graduate School through central campus to Rowan Miranda’s office, where we will deliver a letter stating that he must quit his job and re-apply. His re-application will then be considered by a large group of students and workers, who will determine if he is fit for re-hire and if so at what wage.

Meet us in the front lobby of Rackham on Monday, December 9 at 3pm to be a part of this special delivery. Here’s the Facebook event.

[Download the flyer]


4 thoughts on “Special Delivery: Make Rowan Miranda Reapply for His Job

  1. What is going on in Ann Arbor? I thought Michigan’s Provost announced there would be NO job loss or pay cuts for employees moving to the Center. No job loss, no pay cuts. What else do you want? Concierge service for every university employee? You should realize how absurd your protest sounds. Think before you act!

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