Teach-In: Fight Financialization at University of Michigan

Update 11/25: The Michigan Daily has a good article about the event: “Teach-in focuses on causes of increasing financialization.” Even the comments are positive!

The recently announced forced “rehiring” of staff, rising tuition, lack of campus diversity, and the university’s ongoing luxury construction all point to a lack of transparency, the absence of democratic decision-making, and an increasing turn towards financialization. Come learn about the challenges we face and ways to get involved!

The teach-in will cover:

– how cash flows through the university and how these flows affect the students
– the implications of “staff consolidation” for university workers and services
– the impact of luxury projects like the Munger Dorms
– next steps to collectively build an inclusive, accessible university

The teach-in will be held in 1014 Tisch Hall on Friday, November 22, from 5-7 pm. There’s also a Facebook event.


2 thoughts on “Teach-In: Fight Financialization at University of Michigan

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