Organizer Training on Sunday, 11/10

We wanted to let everyone know about our upcoming organizer training on Sunday, November 10, from 1-4pm. It’ll be held at Vail Co-op, which is located at 602 Lawrence St [map].

This event will be a great way to get involved with SUM! It will give you the tools to jump in and join the struggle for a student-worker-run university here at UM. Here are some of the issues and skills that will be covered:

– A brief overview of the corporatization and financialization of the public university.
– A walk through of how to organize through conversations and relationships.
– An introduction to effective research (where to look for things the university tries to hide, how to build strong arguments against the university’s claims, etc).

We hope you’ll consider joining us. The main projects we’re working on these days include opposition to the university’s debt-fueled Munger Grad Dorm and pushing for student representation on campus. We’ll need your help to win!


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